Aqua Cleer SLIM – The Reverse Osmosis Direct Production System

Infinite water

Infinite clean water directly from your tap – reverse osmosis direct production

The Aqua-Cleer® Slim uses a high performance electric pump to provide high quality reverse osmosis water when you want it. Great tasting water, free from unwanted contaminants straight from the faucet.

The AC-Slim is made in Italy.
reverse osmosis direct production

Aqua-Cleer SLIM – reverse osmosis drinking water system from Culligan

Aqua-Cleer SLIM


Traditional drinking water RO systems use large pressurised tanks to make the water flow to the faucet. Once the tank is empty it can take hours to refill. The Aqua-Cleer Slim uses an advanced integrated pump to provide water when you want it for as long as you want it.


Reverse osmosis is the best level of filtration possible, and produces highest quality water: great to drink, excellent for cooking, and ideal for preparing baby food.

The AC-Slim also uses an innovative Ultrafiltration post system cartridge to act as a physical barrier to prevent bacteria and viruses*. The Culligan UF system was microbiologically tested at the University of Bologna, Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology (FaBit).


Its stylish design does not use a tank and so takes up the least amount of space under the sink. In fact the unit is so small that it even be installed behind the skirting / kick-board leaving the entire under-sink cabinet free for storage!


The Aqua-Cleer SLIM is so quiet that you can fill as many bottles of water as you like from your kitchen tap without even realising it’s there.


* Contaminants are not necessarily in your water.

Aqua-Cleer SLIM

For higher water consumption, the Aqua-Cleer SLIM plus model is available. This unit has double the flow rate but with the same compact dimensions *


* Plus model requires installation of carbon block filtration external to the Slim unit

Working pressures:

  • min feed pressure: 2.5 bar
  • Max feed pressure: 6 bar

Treated Water Production: *

  • Aqua-Cleer Slim model: 60 L/hr
  • Aqua-Cleer Slim Plus model: 120 L/hr


  • width 110mm
  • Depth 460mm
  • Height 440 mm

* Performance may vary according to the feed water conditions (temperature, salinity, etc) and any post-filtration systems.

Although built the very highest standards in Italy, in the unlikely event you should encounter any type of problem with the Aqua-Cleer Slim, highly trained Culligan technicians are available to respond promptly to your needs.

Contact your local Culligan representative to find out more about Culligan service contracts.

Each Culligan AC-Slim comes with a Culligan warranty. The warranty is void in case of conditions or uses not envisaged for normal use of the system.

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