Water solutions for Food Service & Restaurants

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Great quality water is the secret ingredient in successful food service

When a customer sits down for a meal, you want your glassware to sparkle. Culligan’s dishwashing solutions will keep your dinnerware clean and more than presentable.

Even better, water softened and treated using Commercial Water Softeners by Culligan often reduces your need for detergents, helping you reduce both costs and the impact of your business on the environment.

You can also prolong the lifespan of your expensive equipment with water treatment solutions. Hard water can take a toll on your equipment causing it to run less efficiently and give out sooner. Ensure a long lifespan of your investments with Culligan water treatment solutions.

Water is a big part of cooking and drinking. From steam trays to coffee, ice and beverage machines—wherever you need water to serve your Customers, Culligan will make sure you are giving them the best water in the business.




Drinking Water for Bars and Restaurants


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